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RMSMC offers experiential based work for students interested in a wide range of professions. At Student Media, your opportunity to make money and develop your skills is not limited to journalism-focused positions. We have students working in nearly every capacity that you find in a professional media corporation. 
If interested in any of the jobs listed below, please email Please note that not all of the jobs are currently available. All current positions are listed on Colorado State’s Handshake System.
Street Team 
Equipment Manager
Executive Assistant
Board of Director Member (see below)
Alumni Relations Manager
Contest Coordinator
Recruitment Coordinator
Audience Survey Coordinator
Student Board Member, Rocky Mountain Student Media
Thank you for your interest regarding a community position on the RMSMC Board of Directors. RMSMC is a college run media company focused on producing original content by Colorado State University Students and for the Colorado State University and Fort Collins communities. Housed under the RMSMC umbrella include a newspaper, radio station, TV station, magazine, documentary film department and other related business and marketing related departments. 
RMSMC also enhances CSU’s educational mission by empowering, training and equipping students to excel media methods, ethics, critical thinking, and management.
Past board members have found that service on the Board provides a chance for campus involvement, for rewarding philanthropic work, and is an opportunity to learn more about management and media operations.
The Board has eleven CSU students and five non-students. The non-students are the Vice President for Students Affairs, the Chair of Journalism and Media Communication (or their designees), and The Orange Cord alumni association chair (or designee) and two community representatives. The Board sets policies, hears reports and proposals, approves the annual budgets for the media (total is about $1.3 million annually), and conducts an annual review of the CEO. Board members are also encouraged to sit on a board committee that will perform tasks between board meetings. Meetings are held monthly during the school year and on an as-needed basis via conference call over the summer and winter breaks. Meetings are usually held at 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM on the third Wednesday of the month (dinner provided) in the Lory Student Center. If you are interested, please send me a request for an application ( If you have questions, please reach out. Student members receive a stipend each semester based on the number of meetings attended. Stipends range from $125 for student members to $225 per semester for student officers and committee chairs.

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