Storyboard Resources

Storyboard Templates:


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  1. Pick a topic then research facts you want to include (using at least THREE different types of sources).This can be done on paper or a google doc.
    1.  You must cite the sources (see source citation) – google is not a “source”.
    2.  Outline and explain any key vocabulary or important terms
  2. Complete the Story Board (the boxes)
    1. Each box represents one part of your newscast
      1. Write your notes on the lines below the boxes.  Boxes will be for you to draw or write (for those that cannot draw like me) what we will see on the video (the notes are what you will include in your script)
      2. Each frame/box should have good detail so that you easily understand what is being said on camera, or shown with a voiceover
      3. Explain any vocabulary that your classmates may not understand.
    2. You should have an introduction (Your name and the date in history you are covering) and an ending or sign off.
    3. The lines are what you will SAY during your newscast Start writing your script (based on your story board)
  3. Remember that the point of a newscast is to inform your viewers about an event.  Make sure that you are focusing on the details when creating your script and recording it!
    1. What tone will your newscast have?  Somber, happy, worried?  
  4. Find images or other graphics like lower thirds for your newscast. To help your viewers understand or visualize the events.
  5. Practice your script, reading it out loud will help you find mistakes.  If it doesn’t sound right, fix it.  If you have issues while trying to write your script, see Mrs. Collins or Mr. E.
  6. Edit your script (checking spelling or grammar).

What do I have to turn into Social Studies?

  1. Complete Story Board with citations.  
  2. Your recorded newscast. Mr. E will upload and share those with you after completion.