1. Embedded YouTube video(s) – grab something that already exist:
  2. A contact form that a visitor can complete and submit from your website:
  3. Embed links or add widgets to at least three of the following:
    1. Create a picture gallery:
    2. Feedback survey (create an account and feedback survey at survey monkey: 
    3. Embed a Google Calendar:
    4. Embed a Google Sheet or Google Doc into your web page:
    5. A link or embed a widget to a Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, etc. account: – (Twitter feed)
    6. Create a “Word cloud” that best defines you:

Over the past 20 years I have worked on various web projects.  I was part of the team that designed and developed the first (and second) website for WCWG CW20.   Also developed my own family site and my classroom site.  Each project allowed me to learn more and develop my skills utilizing HTML, CSS and applications (Dreamweaver, FTP software, Photoshop slicing tools). 

I have developed (the current site),, and my personal classroom site  Most of these sites have been migrated to WordPress.  Prior to the migration my sites were built on Joomla content management system.  The following site was built using only HTML and CSS:

Currently I host multiple sites for friends and family.  All of the sites I host were designed and built by me.   Each site I developed and continue to maintain.  I also train those who own the website on maintaining the site in either Joomla or WordPress. 

    Photoshop Images from class:

Usability page:

ADA compliance page: