ADA Compliance

Ensuring ADA compliance is an important feature in all websites.  W3C provides a list of guidelines of appropriate items that should be included to meet the accessibility needs of the users. The goal of a media center is to provide resources for all students.  The website that represents the media center should also strive to meet the needs of all users.  The website represents a school media center that has students that are both visually and hearing impaired. 

Users that have vision issues can use screen readers to help them navigate and find the information they need.  In order to do this each image that is posted on a website should include “ALT Image” text that represents the image.  Each image on this website has the ALT image, and image descriptions filled in with meaningful text.  Each image that is uploaded will be added with those items as well.  

Another aspect of meeting the needs of all users is providing captions for videos uploaded or embedded into the site.  Going forward the videos will be captioned via YouTube settings.  Our newscast are captioned so our hearing impaired students can still watch the newscast. 

According to the webpage has three items do not meet the Section 508 Accessibility standards.  One of the issues is the use of a colored pixel in WordPress.  This is not an image that I can adjust to make compatible.  Issue two is an embedded document that doesn’t have the necessary tags to make it readable.  The third issue is a blank text area and . Having these issues is not ideal, and I will be working to solve those issues so the site will be fully compliant with Section 508.